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«Computer-assisted analyses of philosophical texts, databases, hypertexts, digital editions, etc. are not the final frontier of research anymore. Quite the contrary, from many years they have been representing a significant contribution to Humanities disciplines. From this perspective, we do not mean to make the computer able to grasp the meaning of human language and penetrate eventually its secrets, but rather we aim to improve their tools, so that they will become an even more efficient equipment employed in research’s activities».
«This methodological frame can be tested by adopting it in the matter of one of the most crucial theme of all Medieval Philosophy: the reception and interpretation of Aristotle’s De anima. Particularly, about this topic we will highlight the relevance recognized to the notion of nobilitas (De an. 18-19), then we will select it as a KWIC (key word in context) in order to create a digital database of all the Latin translations of Aristotelian Work and its main commentaries».

Research project

Post-doc 2011 (Provincia Autonoma di Trento)
University of Trento.